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Introduction to
Cyber Crime & Cyber Security

Course will be like first come first serve basis, In a single batch there will be upto 1000 Students. Daily 2 shift morning and after noon, you can choose your own time, Our team will contact you for that. This is a 3 hours online course that is curated for complete beginners. Only need basic computer and browsing knowledge. A certified course where you'll get a certificate of completion which you can use to get points.

Skills You'll Learn

Identifying different types of cyberattacks

Ways to prevent cybercrime

Cybersecurity fundamentals

Threat actors attacks


Security policies amp procedures

Secure architecture

Wireless networks

Network security controls

BYOD security testing

IS governance

Risk management

Incident management

Business continuity

Disaster recovery

Course Outline

Course Introduction

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Enterprise Architecture and Components

Information System Governance and Risk


Incident Management

What is Cybersecurity?

Basic Network Terminologies

The Rise of Cybercrimes

What Is a Cybersecurity Threat?

Different types of Cyber Attacks

SQL Injection Attack

Denial-Of-Service (DDOS) Attack

Insider Threat and Other Cyber Attacks

Brute Force Attack

Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks